Up & Beyond Aerial Video and Photography offers aerial photography and video footage for many types of uses using drones. We target anything and everything from aerial video and photography for residential and commercial real estate properties for MLS style listings, promotional, weddings, events and parties, extreme sports, and more! Please see our portfolio by clicking here. Video is captured in 4k high definition video and we have full remote tilt axis control while airborne to capture and focus on the targeted object. We take 20-22 megapixel resolution still images. Our camera is attached to an independent gyro servo and vibration eliminating gimble to eliminate aircraft wobble to produce level and smooth content. More recently, there has been an over abundance of use for drone photography. With that, technology becomes smarter, safer, and higher quality. Up & Beyond Aerial Video and Photography invests using the highest quality of drones equipment that we guarantee our work. We know you'll love the final product. We have serviced over 500 jobs and worked with over 60 different companies, it's no wonder why our customers keep coming back for more! We are fast, we are reliable, and we understand YOUR vision. Let us help YOU capture what's in your imagination. We have 5 years of aerial video and photography experience and we can help you create a game plan from a simple idea. We are a group of creative individuals that always take each job uniquely. There should never be a cookie-cutter way of doing aerial photography in San Deigo California. Every property is unique and has different characteristics which requires us to capture each situation with a special type of consideration. Any photography shot above ground level is considered aerial photography. Using drones to capture photography, you're able to capture images unattainable by helicopter or plane. When sending camera equipment airborne, you are able to capture amazing and unique photography. Aerial photography or aerial video is beneficial for many uses. Please contact us to see how we can help you utilize aerial imagery! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx_5QpvOYDI
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