Up & Beyond Aerial Video and Photography offers aerial footage for many types of uses. We target anything and everything from residential and commercial real estate properties for MLS style listings, promotional use, weddings, events and parties, extreme sports, and more! Please see our portfolio by clicking here. Video is captured at 1080P and we have full remote tilt axis control while airborne to capture and focus on the targeted object. We take 12-22 Mega Pixel resolution still images. Aerial photography by drone is the newest and most cost efficient method to capturing high quality imagery and video. Our camera is attached to an independent gyro servo and vibration eliminating gimbal to eliminate air craft wobble to produce level and smooth content.


Our stomping grounds are in San Diego, Southern California, and we are capable of covering the globe. Please fill out the form under CONTACT to schedule an appointment, discuss price, or get information about our services.

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